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Advantages of Heated Parking

There is a common saying in Calgary that if you don't like the weather, wait a minute. When you choose to park at a heated facility, you can comfortably move on with your day not worrying about the walk back to you car.

In addition, you won't have to brave outside wind, rain or snow. That means you can avoid the hassles found in parking at a surface parking or covered parking facility.

Another benefit to parking at an underground heated parkade is that these facilities are temperature controlled so you won't ever worry about entering a vehicle that has been baking all day in the sun. Your vehicle will also be protected from excessive UV exposure.

Wait, did we mention the amazing amenities that many of our heated parking facilities offer?

Also, many of these deals offer immediate shuttle elevator access to Calgary's Plus 15 network along with access to downtown Calgary's best coffee shops, restaurants and retail stores. You can get all your personal errands done on the way to your office or on the way home after work.

The Fine Print

Many of the great deals we offer for heated parking facilities take into account that you might have to drive a little extra to get to your parking stall. Some of these locations offer a "basement or lowest level" rate to encourage you to park lower down in a less busy part of the parkade. 

This is good news for you because you get to save on your parking fee. Your commute time from your heated parking space is not going to be any longer since many of these locations have exceptional elevator service.

Latest Heated Parking Deals

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