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Advantages of Surface Parking

This type of parking facility can also be referred to as street level parking.

There are many advantages to choosing a surface parking location over a covered or heated parking facility. One primary advantage is fast entry and exit from the parking location. You won't spend a bunch of time waiting for gates to open and then drive a kilometer to your parking stall.

Another great benefit at most surface facilities is the ability to use a wireless payment solution such as our preferred hangTag app. This will help you avoid standing in line at a Pay Station having to brave the elements so that you can move along quickly to work or that last meeting you have to attend.

Often times, these locations are often easier for new visitors searching for downtown Calgary parking. You have a very good chance of finding a surface parking location within a short walk to your final destination. This is a plus when you are short on time or got caught up in traffic.

We have many great cheap parking deals that you can search below for your next visit to downtown Calgary, or you might find your new daily street level parking location while you are at work.

Latest Surface Parking Deals

$315: 200 – 3rd Avenue SW
Park at this centrally located lot for only $300 per month  Located on the north side of 3rd Avenue SW[...]
$350: 216 4th Avenue SW
Ideal location at 216 4th Avenue SW for only $350 per month Located on the corner of 4th Avenue and 1st[...]
$315: 130 3rd Avenue SW
$315 per month for this highly desirable, centralized lot Located on the north side of 3rd avenue SW at 130[...]
$230: 714 10th Avenue SW
Prime Parking in Downtown Calgary Close to the Beltline Grab a parking spot just a couple of blocks away from[...]
$180: 1016 9th Avenue SW
Great location for just $125.00 per Month for Reserved Parking This convenient corner lot is located at 1216 10 Avenue[...]
Flexible Parking Options for Flexible Schedules
Not driving every day?  Only need parking a few days a week?  Or a few days a month?  We have[...]
$325: 217 1st Street SW
The perfect location for just $325.00 per monthThis convenient corner lot is located at 217 1st Street SW, near the[...]
$350 Random Parking: 326 3rd Avenue SW
$350 per month for Random Parking Next to Eau Claire Market 326 3rd Avenue SW as a great location to[...]
$300: 200 – 3rd Avenue SW
Park at this centrally located lot for only $300 per month Located on the north side of 3rd Avenue SW at[...]
$300: 307 1st Street SE
Park in a prime location by Harry Hays only $300 per month This clean and brightly lit surface lot is[...]
$180: 1001 8th Avenue SW
Only $180 Per Month at 1001 8th Avenue SWThe perfect location for just $180 per month!This convenient lot is located at[...]
$350: 414 Centre Street SE
$350 per month special at 414 Centre Street SE! Prime Parking in Downtown Calgary.  Grab a parking spot right next[...]
$130: 1248 10 Avenue SW
$120 Random Parking​1248 – 10 Ave. SW The perfect location for just $120 per month or $8 for ALL DAY[...]
$415: 520 2nd Avenue SW
$415 per Month at 520 2nd Avenue SWLot 305 is a large paved surface lot . Located on 2nd avenue[...]
$200: (Lot 161) 402 – 10th Avenue SE
$200 per Month Victoria Park Convenient Surface Lot. Park within minutes of the +15 of the Palliser building to access[...]
$300: 114 – 2nd Street SW
This large, open surface lot is located between 2nd street and Riverfront Ave SW, situated behind the Chinese Cultural Center[...]

Need More Calgary Parking Options?

If you haven't found a cheap parking Calgary facility that works for you, we have two options for you. 

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2. You can always check with Impark Calgary to search their inventory and see what promotions they might be offering at this time.