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$300 or Less Downtown Parking

For less than the cost of a latte per day, you can stop riding the CTrain and enjoy the flexibility and convenience of driving your own vehicle with affordable parking in downtown. Ride in the comfort of your own car with the freedom to come and go as you please without the wait.

Our monthly parking offers in-and-out parking privileges, making it easy for you to run out for lunch or quickly access your car for an off-site meeting. No more waiting in the cold on someone else’s schedule or dealing with delays from scheduled travel times. We have many convenient downtown parking lot locations to choose from.

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$150 or Less

Lot 454 – Sunalta - $40 per month

Location:  1706 - 9th Avenue SW

Just steps away to the Sunalta CTrain station, 2 blocks away from Shaw Millennium Skate Park and Mewata Armoury.

To request this rate quote:
Signup Code – 2605282ED0


$300 or Less

Lot 337 – $200 per month

Location:  1007 - 6th Avenue SW

Just a short walk to the CTrain free fare zone, 2 blocks north of the University of Calgary Downtown Campus.

To request this rate quote:
Signup Code – 3BDC6AC525


Lot 214 – $300 per month

Location:  114 - 2nd Street SW

Steps away to Eau Claire Market, Livingston Place and Calgary City Centre.

To request this rate quote:
Signup Code – 16DF459E51


Lot 264 – $300 per month

Location:  200 - 3rd Avenue SW

Next to Livingston Place and 2 blocks southeast of Eau Claire Market.

To request this rate quote:
Signup Code – 8814C66554


Lot 303 –  $280 per month

Location:  660 - 2nd Avenue SW

Right next to Eau Claire Tower and Centennial Place, 1 block west of Eau Claire Market.

To request this rate quote:
Signup Code – EC36FCEBCE


Lot 330 – $275 per month

Location:  307 - 1st Street SE

Right across the street from the Harry Hays Building, 2 blocks north of The Bow, and right next to Dragon City Mall.

To request this rate quote:
Signup Code – 3AAD16689D