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$400 Heated Underground Parking - Canada Place

For a limited time only, Canada Place is now offering a Welcome Back Parking Promotion. Heated parking just steps away from Bow Valley Square, the Westin Hotel, Calgary Place, and Chinatown. Centrally located on 2nd street and between 4th and 5th avenue SW, and right across from Jamieson Place, With easy access, this also means getting in or out of the downtown core is quick and seamless. 

Sign up today for this limited-time offer by contacting William Copeland at wcopeland@triovest.com.

Connected to Plus 15

Canada Place is also connected to the extensive covered Plus 15 skywalk system. It is the world’s biggest collection of footbridges connected to buildings, and totals over 16 kilometers in length.

With the Plus 15, you can walk to various downtown buildings and stores, and all without ever having to go outside. By using the heated walkways, you can stay warm in the winter.

Calgary Skywalk Plus 15

+15 Sky Walk

Dine and Unwind and make your reservations now!

Canada Place offers quick and easy access to a wide variety of restaurants and coffee shops. There are many selections for dining, entertaining and shopping close by.


Tuk Tuk Thai

Ceili's on 4th

Monogram Coffee

Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters

Steps away from Chinatown

Calgary's Chinatown is located along Centre Street in the northeast area of Downtown Calgary, and is north of the East Village.. Enjoy the convenience of being right next door to Chinatown, and easy access to the Calgary Chinese Cultural Center. 

Calgary's Chinese Cultural Centre is the largest of its kind in North America, and is the focal point of Chinatown community activities and events. There are a variety of public programs like language classes and sporting events, as well as a museum located right in the center. Chinatown also has a number of restaurants that are open late and shops to explore.


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