Affordable Calgary Parking Options

Parking in Calgary

If you’ve been searching for affordable Calgary parking, you might be getting discouraged. Downtown Calgary is prone to weather conditions, making cheaper (farther) parking spots less appealing. Parking in downtown Calgary has increased progressively in demand due to parking lots being forsaken for the development of condos. It is a clear example of supply and demand; the price of downtown Calgary parking spots is entirely market driven.

Parking in downtown Calgary has been on the rise for the last several years (approximately 9.9% increase from 2008/2009).  Many local employees and residents find downtown parking Calgary expensive and lacking in terms of available parking spaces. To address these parking issues, Cheap Parking Calgary brings you many affordable options, such as heated parking, surface parking, and covered parking, in some of the best locations. Be sure to check out the great deal we’re currently offering at the University of Calgary Centre Parkade. And stay tuned for more inexpensive Calgary parking offers.

If you do not see a location you want to park at on our list, just use the contact form and one of our representatives will work to see what options they can come up with for you.

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