Calgary Parking Laws

Parking in Calgary

Calgary parking laws ensure the orderly commute of traffic throughout the city. Every driver is responsible for knowing and obeying the parking regulations before they visit Calgary.

Calgary Parking Signs

There are two types of parking signs within Calgary that you should be aware of: the no parking sign and the no stopping sign.

You cannot park your vehicles in areas marked with a ‘No Parking’ sign. However, you are allowed to stop the vehicle to load and unload passengers.

In areas designated with ‘No Stopping’ signs, you cannot park, nor can you stop your vehicles to unload passengers.

Other signs signify the length of time in which you are allowed to park your vehicle. These parking zone signs are normally found in Calgary residential areas.

Calgary Street Parking Regulations

Calgary parking laws outline regulations that you must obey before parking your vehicle.

Vehicles that are parked on the street must face the same direction as the flow of traffic. You are prohibited from blocking fire lanes and the emergency exits of nearby buildings.

You cannot park within 5 metres of a fire hydrant, corner, marked crosswalk, or in front of a stop or yield sign. Vehicles must be parked at least 1.5 metres away from a driveway or alley. It is also illegal in Calgary to park on a sidewalk or crosswalk.

Drivers are prohibited from parking in lanes that are reserved for busses and taxis. Additionally, you are required to pay the appropriate fee before parking in front of parking metres.

Illegal street parking carries several consequences, including a minimum fine of $57 and towing at the expense of the driver.

Parking for People With Disabilities

Calgary has parking zones that are designated for people with disabilities. The only vehicles that can stop in handicapped zones are ones that display a special handicapped placard that is issued by the Solicitor General of Alberta.

Unauthorized parking in a handicapped zone comes with stiffer penalties, including a $150 fine and towing.

Parking Recreational Vehicles in Calgary

Owners of a registered recreational vehicle (RV) must be parked on a legal, off-street location. You may park your RV on the street in front of your property for up to 36 hours at a time. However, detached campers cannot be left on the streets or alley under any circumstance.

Proper parking is vital to public safety and enforced accordingly. By reviewing Calgary parking laws, you can avoid penalties and fines for overlooked violations.

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