Calgary Parking Still Affordable

Parking in Calgary

According to a recent article on CBC News, parking in Calgary is the most expensive parking in Canada and among the most expensive in the world, averaging $453.38 per space. In fact, Calgary is the only Canadian city to make the list of the top most expensive places to park in the world, coming in at number 14. Frustrated drivers may take little comfort in knowing that these rates come in only slightly behind two of the most expensive places to park, New York City at $566 and London at $983. According to survey results, it is more expensive to park in Calgary than both Toronto and Montreal, and more than twice as expensive than the average parking rate across the country.

Another factor contributing to the increased cost of parking is the relatively small number of parking spaces being created each year. According to the Colliers International survey “only ten new parking garages will be built in the next two years.” These additions will add less than 2,000 additional parking spaces this year.

There is some hope for those looking to park in Calgary though. Recent research shows that parking rates have increased only 2.2% in Canada this past year, a fairly small increase compared to the 9.9% increase the previous year. The belief is that as the economic climate improves that parking rates will stabilize even more, and that even in economic turmoil parking rates have stayed fairly stable overall.

Despite these tough economic conditions, and increasing prices for parking, motorists may find help with Cheap Parking Calgary. This website is dedicated to promoting the most inexpensive Calgary monthly parking available. Many parking spaces are still available in the best locations of downtown Calgary, with options in surface, heated and covered parking. Users will find this website easy to use and precise, with specific locations of all available parking spaces provided. The website advertises Calgary monthly parking spaces well below the average of $453 per month reported in the survey. In fact, advertised prices on the website register much closer to the average monthly rate of a Canadian parking space, according to Colliers findings.

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