Calgary Parking Stress Free Alternative

Parking in Calgary

Calgary is a modern city located in the Alberta province of Canada. The first Canadian city to host the winter Olympics in 1988, Calgary is the home of many buildings and companies that give Canadian citizens much needed jobs and careers. It is full of popular attractions both for the native Canadian, and for tourists.

As a large metropolitan area, with the fifth largest census count in all of Canada, Calgary parking is obviously an issue. Whether you are trying to get to work, have fun or just driving around, finding a parking spot is a major concern. Recent fine hikes, and accounts of people being double-fined for improper parking, have raised this concern even higher. According to the official Calgary parking information website, most fines range from $40 all the way up to $300.

The fines include many of the obvious offenses, such as parking with an expired meter, double parking and failure to park in the lines of the parking space. However, there are some charges which don’t make sense, like parking for more than 36 hours, parking in an alley within 1.5m of a garage or driveway or parking a car that has advertisements or displays a “For Sale” sign.

There are many news stories about people being fined for seemingly absurd charges when trying to park. Parking officers often make this more difficult. Because they are considered peace officers, they are under the law and do not have to obey parking laws. Therefore, if you need a designated spot, a loading zone for example, and a parking officer has taken that spot for no reason, you can be fined if you attempt to park somewhere else.

It is because of accounts like this that choosing the right Calgary parking company is correct. You want your vehicle to remain safe, and you want to keep yourself from being fined.  Not only that, but you want to park your car without being charged a huge sum.

We understand these concerns, and have formulated a company around that. Calgary parking can be challenging, but we are here to make it easier for you, without forcing you to fork over a huge wad of cash. It is the many drivers of Calgary that make the city run, and we want you to spend your time on the move, not driving around looking for a good parking space.

When you choose to park your car with us, you get the best accommodations.  We want your Calgary parking to be stress-free; it shouldn’t be your major concern when you come to Calgary for any reason.

So let us take car of the parking, while you move on with the more important aspects of life.