Parking in Calgary

If you want to learn about economics, try finding cheap parking in Calgary. No where else does the law of supply and demand operate so truly than in the parking lot business. It is true in any big city. It might seem like $400 a month is a lot to pay for parking Calgary’s downtown spaces, but the painful fact is, even at that price, developers see more profit in building and renting out condominiums than in maintaining parking lots.

In the past decade, buildings have replaced parking in downtown Calgary. More buildings bring in more people and their cars. And all of them are vying for the dwindling parking places available. For people looking for cheap parking Calgary might seem like a hopeless wasteland.

There are a few islands of hope left, though. What are your options, if you work downtown? You can park further from the city centre and walk a little further. People who are familiar with Calgary’s winters know that walking very many blocks in the cold and darkness could be hazardous to their health.

Another option is to go to and search the website for reasonably priced parking. Calgary still has a few places downtown that don’t destroy the budget. Finding them can be a difficult process. The parking experts at are always on the looking for you. They can take the time, make the phone calls, and do the legwork and negotiate the best prices because that is their specialty.

It is simple for the commuter to go to this website and send a message asking for personal help in finding cheap parking in Calgary. Or the visitor to the site may just review the places offered on the first page. He may choose to look at surface parking in Calgary, covered parking in Calgary, or cozy, heated parking in downtown Calgary. Heated parking at this site is often cheaper than surface parking found elsewhere.

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