How to Save Money when Parking in Downtown Calgary

Parking in Calgary

Whether you’re looking for parking in downtown Calgary for work, business, or fun, you’re going to want a parkade that is both convenient and economical.  The fees for Calgary parking may be among the highest in Canada, so you might want to keep these few tips in mind:

1. Consider a monthly parking option.

Typically, if you purchase parking by the month rather than one day at a time, you’ll end up paying a much lower rate. This is a great option if you’re parking in downtown Calgary on a daily basis. It’s much easier to budget when you exactly how much you’ll be paying each month, plus you won’t have to scramble looking for a parking stall each morning.

2. Look for special rates.

Several parking lots and parkades throughout Calgary offer early bird specials or luncheon rates. Be on the lookout for those super saver options (or watch this website for more information!)

3. Compare parking rates in advance.

Plan ahead and check out the rates before you arrive at your location. It’s hard to compare fees while you’re driving around looking for a spot. Fortunately, many parkades publish their rates on line. (One great place to evaluate options for parking in Calgary is right here at!)

4. Always pay attention to Calgary parking laws.

It’s true that knowing the Calgary parking laws won’t exactly get you a cheaper parking spot, but it sure can save you a lot of money on unnecessary fines and tickets. The ticket for stopping in a no parking zone is undoubtedly more expensive than it would have cost to park legally.