Is Calgary an expensive place to park?

Parking in Calgary

The Colliers International North America Parking Rate Survey for 2011 has been recently published.  The report states that Calgary is among the top 5 priced parking districts in Canada.  Page 3 of the report shows the median parking rate for monthly parking in downtown Calgary to be $472.50!

Here at Cheap Parking Calgary, our goal is to bring you excellent priced parking locations in downtown Calgary that you may not know about. We have many monthly parking specials below $200 and daily parking specials below $10.  You may be surprised to find a low priced parking stall within close proximity to your workplace.  We have special rates for Covered, Heated, Surface parking in downtown Calgary.

If you are meeting a friend or colleague in downtown Calgary for lunch, you can park for less than the cost of a beverage with the special rates we have found at select locations for you.

If we still don’t have something for you, please contact us by using the contact form on the right side of this page.  Tell us where you work, how far you want to be from the office and possible prices you want to pay.  Our Cheap Parking Calgary representative will contact you with some options tailored for you!