Pay For Parking In Calgary

Parking in Calgary

Options to Pay For Parking

One frequently asked question we get from parkers is how they can pay for parking. Each parking facility has different ways to take your parking payment, but we will cover some of the most common methods of payment accepted at the locations that we promote here at Cheap Parking Calgary.

Most Common Payment Method

Calgary Parking Pay Station

Well over 90% of most parking locations in Calgary are setup to accept credit cards for parking payment. Make sure you have a Visa, MasterCard or American Express card so that you can pay for parking at the pay station. There are different types of pay stations that are commonly used, but they all accept credit card payment.

What About Cash Payment?

A second common payment question we receive is about paying with cash bills or coins. Most parking pay stations in Calgary have moved away from accepting cash or coin payments in favor of the good ole credit card. If you need help, you can fill out our request a rate form and tell us where you want to park and what type of payments are accepted. 

Our team will reply back within 24 hours or the next day following a weekend or holiday. This will help you arrive at your meeting, event or for work prepared with the right form of payment.

Pay For Parking with Mobile

Over the past five years mobile, smartphone or pay by phone systems have evolved significantly. Many of the barrier free or gate less parking locations featured on Cheap Parking Calgary offers an incredible new way to pay for parking in Calgary using your mobile phone.

We are excited to introduce the hangTag payment service to you. 

What  is hangTag?

hangTag Logo

hangTag™ is a new parking platform that allows you to pay for parking right from your smartphone in a few easy steps. Parking just got a little better.

Available now at more than 900 locations across Canada

How to Setup hangTag in Under 2 Minutes

Play the video below for a step-by-step walkthrough of how you can setup your hangTag account in under two minutes. Ready? Press play to start the video.

Click below to get the right App for your phone:

Get hangTag with GooglePlay by Edmonton Parking Guide
Get hangTag with AppStore by Edmonton Parking Guide

Look for the hangTag Symbol

Park With hangTag by Cheap Parking Calgary

We are updating this site so that when you see the "Park With hangTag" symbol, you will have the confidence that you can arrive, park and pay for your parking session with a few simple taps in the hangTag app. The hangTag app will make searching for and paying for your parking so much easier.