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AHS South Health Campus Parking Cheap Parking Calgary

It can be challenging to find parking at the South Health Campus hospital but don't worry, we've got options.

Calgary South Health Campus

It can sometimes be tough to find parking near Calgary's south hospital. Whether you work in the area or are heading south for an appointment, there are more parking options available steps away from the South Health Campus.

Did you know there are two parking facilities located just across from the hospital? These facilities have hourly, daily, and monthly rates. So if you're in a rush and looking for parking, drive to the Seton Professional Centre Parkade, or head to the Seton Marriott just across the street. Both of these facilities have above ground and underground parking, spacious accessible stalls, elevators, and amenities nearby.

Do you work in the area? Why not save the stress of constantly wondering where you'll park when you're trying to make it to work on time? You can get monthly parking (even underground) for a very reasonable rate. Park with the comfort of knowing which parking lot you'll be driving into every morning.

South Health Campus Parking

(Lot 467) 3570 Market Street SE

(Lot 442) 3815 Front Street SE

Seton Professional Centre
Seton Professional Centre Parking South Health Campus Cheap Parking Calgary

The Seton Professional Centre is located across the street from the South Health Campus. The parkade has two above ground levels and two floors of parking underground. To enter the facility head to 3815 Front Street SE. Choose between parking on the main floor, level 2, or head to the underground parkade. There are also electric vehicle charging stations at this location. Find more details about this location here.  

Seton Marriott
Seton Marriott South Health Campus Parking Cheap Parking Calgary

The Seton Marriott parking facility is across from entrance C of the hospital

Located across the street from the South Health Campus the Seton Marriott parking lot is open to public parking. Parking at the parking lot or the underground, heated parkade. Both these facilities are equipped with electric vehicle charging stations. Are you looking for a quick drink or snack before or after your visit to the South Health Campus? There is a quick stop convenience store located on the lobby level of the Residence Inn Marriott. Soma Hammam & Spa is also located on the main floor of this location. Find more details about the parking facility here.

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