Parking In Calgary

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Seasonal Event Specials

Parking can sometimes be a challenging task in Calgary for many reasons. Maybe you are visiting Calgary to attend a special event. As you make your trip plan, you certainly want to know where you will park when you arrive at the event.

Perhaps you don't go downtown often and want to know where the best places to park are located. In this case, we suggest you start your search base on the type of parking you need. Calgary is great because you have many options to choose depending on if you want surface, covered or heated parking.

Also, you might be attending a few exciting events at the Calgary Stampede, the Lilac Festival or the International Film festival to name a few. Check back here with us before you plan your next trip.

If you don't find anything close to where you will be looking to park, you can always request a parking rate from us. Look for the parking form on the upper right side of this page. It's as simple as telling us where you want to park and on what dates you are arriving. Our team will email you back with options we can provide for you.

Are you traveling to downtown Calgary
 for a lunch meeting?

Throughout the year, we work to bring you lunch special parking deals so that you parking is less than your meal. 

Parking In Calgary Tips

We have a variety of tips, best practices and news updates that we provide below for your reference. Ever wonder about where to find information about Calgary's parking bylaws? We got you covered.

We will post seasonal information that may relevant to specific events that could impact your ability to easily find a great parking space at your final destination.

Need More Calgary Parking Options?

If you haven't found a cheap parking Calgary facility that works for you, we have two options for you. 

1. Complete the form on the upper right hand side of this page or Request a Rate from us. It's easy. Tell us where you want to park and our team will get back to you with other possible options to help you.

2. You can always check with Impark Calgary to search their inventory and see what promotions they might be offering at this time.

Need Help For Your Next Trip?

If you couldn't find what you are looking for through the parking resources listed above, we are here to help. Do you need a group of parking stalls for a specific event? Are you searching for a group discount? Coming from out of town and need help locating the best event parking for your group?

Please complete the request below and our Cheap Parking Team will get back to you within 24 hours or the next day following a weekend or holiday. We will do our best to help make parking easier for your next trip.